vendredi 5 mars 2010

Good team work on Auckland Match Race, and now looking forward to the Louis Vuitton Trophy Auckland

Seb Col : "Did not work well for us today, only 1 win against Pacé on 6 matchs.
Unfortunately we did not get up to speed at the first match, lost a bit of confidence and had to sail in very hard wind conditions, very shifty and impossible to anticipate for the rest of the day.
Few good things anyway, communication and decision process were good on starts (4 times first cross on 6 matchs!), decision making process upwind (had the upwind lead 5 times on 6 matchs) and manoeuvers.
Still work to do on defence downwind, our decision process is still not fast enough to react properly.
Anyway, by spending time together on small boats we are learning a lot as a team. It's been a frustrating day but I think a good investment for the future."

Seb and the ALL4ONE team are now all in Auckland and looking forward to the Louis Vuitton Trophy Auckland start on March 9; Trainings are on Sunday 7 and Monday 8.

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Final Results Auckland Match Race
1st Dean Barker
2nd Ben Ainslie
3rd Adam Minoprio
4th Torvar Mirsky
5th Karol Jablonski
6th Bertrand Pace
7th Magnus Holmberg
8th Francesco Bruni
9th Chris Dickson
10th Sebastien Col