jeudi 4 septembre 2014

Sebastien Col back on the GC32 circuit for Marseille One Design's first edition

04 September 2014, Marseille, France – Seb Col is back on the GC32 circuit on the occasion of the Marseille One Design’s first edition, where he will sail on GDF SUEZ along with skipper Sebastien Rogues, after Seb Col broke GC32’s speed record reaching 37,9 knots in Lake Garda last July.
Seb Col’s foiling season continues in September, after having taken part to several events in GC32 and competing at the highest level in Moth earlier this summer.
After a short break following the Moth World Championships where he finished 28th overall and first French, Seb Col went back to top monohull racing on Magic Carpet 3 in Porto Cervo for the Maxi Worlds. But just before that, he spent a few days in La Baule to train as part of Sebastien Rogues’ crew on GC32 GDF SUEZ, in order to prepare for the Marseille One Design event with a crew formed of multihull specialists, which will take place next week from September 8-14.
Sebastien is really happy to go back racing in Marseille, since he’s a member of Yachting Club de la Pointe Rouge, one of Marseille’s most famous yacht clubs. Seb is also training on the Moth at the “Pole Voile Marseille”, thanks to the support of the French Sailing Federation.
Seb Col explains: “Sebastien Rogues offered me to join his team for the first GC32 event he’s taking part to, and which is a great opportunity for him to develop and to improve his multihull skills. The GC32 is a very attractive boat, which has met a lot of success since it was launched. So Seb Rogues gathered a team of foiling boats’ experts around him, including Gurvan Bontemps and Benjamin Amiot, who are Flying Phantom’s specialists. Bertrand Castelnerac, who sails regularly with Seb Rogues, will be the 5th team member. So all in all a very good crew with lots of capabilities, but with no experience of competition on a GC32 yet.
My role since we started to prepare this event was to share a maximum of my experience with them, and to guide them in terms of tuning the boat and for the manoeuvers. And during the competition, I will be the mainsail trimmer and calling tactics, which is important and interesting for me since it is on that kind of job that I project myself in the future on bigger events, including the America’s Cup.

I spent a lot of time at helm during the two America’s Cup campaigns I took part to, but I have been in a tactician role most of the time and on many regattas those past years, and I have to say that I really enjoyed it. So it’s not really a new challenge, but adapting all this experience to foiling multihulls is really interesting. I’ve already called tactics on big multihulls with good results with Sebastien Josse and Michel Desjoyeaux on their respective MOD70, and I really liked it. So going to foiling multihulls is again another dimension. I sail on Moths and I’ve already helmed a GC32, and it is really important for a tactician to know how the boats work, in order to be on the same page with the helmsman, especially for the one who makes the tactical decisions. And I would really like to move forward in that direction since my match racer’s past experience allows me to sail under a lot of pressure from my competitors, to achieve a good decision making process in the most intense and highly heart beating moments and to be able to react in front of the opponent, and that’s what I enjoy the most.”
Seb Col will also take the opportunity to train on his Moth while he will be in Marseille, even if he will not be able to take part to both competitions on the Moth and GC32 at the same time:
“I’m really happy to sail again on the GC32 since it’s a very good boat with a crew with no equivalent for now, and it’s been well developed. It’s new and really interesting” says Seb.
“I will also sail a bit on the Moth this week in order to train a few hours every day, since it is important for me to continue to develop my experience with always more sailing hours in order to prepare myself for the next Moth World Championships, which will already take place in January 2015 in Sorrento, Australia.”
With Gurit supporting him since the beginning of his foiling season, Seb Col is proud to be part of the Gurit family since he became one of their ambassadors. Seb continues to benefit from Gurit’s 30 years’ experience working alongside the world’s leading designers and boat builders, combining a unique technical approach, integrating structural design, materials science and advanced process engineering, enabling Gurit to offer the most comprehensive composite solution in the marketplace. Indeed, the well-known composite materials specialist has a dedicated marine projects department that now supplies the full spectrum of marine projects worldwide.
GC32 training will start this week-end for GDF SUEZ team, and racing will take place from Thursday 11 to Sunday 14 September from 11:00 to 17:00, with a minimum of 6 races scheduled per day and lasting 20 to 25 minutes in Marseille’s Southern harbor area, also known as one of the best race zones in France, with the Corniche waterfront offering a stunning natural view point for spectators.

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