lundi 8 juin 2009

Interview de Seb Col sur SailRaceWin (en anglais)

Extraits d'une interview de Seb Col réalisée en anglais sur le site SailRaceWin par Anne Hinton.

Seb Col y revient sur son parcours, en particulier sur le World Match Racing Tour, le RC44, le Melges 24 et les Louis Vuitton Pacific Series qui ont eu lieu à Auckland en février dernier.

"In 2008 I came back on to the World Match Racing Tour. A tactician was not available in March, so initially we had no tactician and then tried people out, aiming for 2009. We had fourteen different guys as tactician and trimmer during 2008. It was a very good experience. We were there to learn, and did not plan for good results. However, we won both ways. [AH: They finished second on the World Match Racing Tour in 2008.]

My present tactician was at three events last year (finishing 1st, 2nd and 6th), and he has become our tactician based on the results and our relationship. I have Philippe [Presti]'s former tactician. We changed tactician after the first two events this year.

There are twenty-five people in the French Match Racing Team, so it is easy to chop and change. Mathieu, Damien and me are all roughly the same age, so we have a good relationship. We are all in the World Match Racing Tour. We will try and do more Grade One events too."


AH: "How did you like the Louis Vuitton Pacific Series in Auckland?"

SC: "It was a very good event. It would be good to have more such series."

AH: "Did the Louis Vuitton Pacific Series help to keep you in the match racing groove over the Northern winter?"

SC: "It is very different sailing big boats in the Louis Vuitton Pacific Series compared with the small boats that we sail on the World Match Racing Tour. It is different for the trimmers too. We have both tacticians and navigators on the big boats to tell us where to go!"

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