jeudi 10 juillet 2014

Breaking the GC32 speed record during The Foiling Week: check!

Here is the report of another pretty busy day in the office at The Foiling Week in Malcesine yesterday.

The day started at 8:OOam with 3 hours sailing on the GC32 to complete a test session with a famous French sailing magazine, that we had started the day before (more to come on that soon).

I chose a crew of experienced Moth sailors with Josh McKnight, (2012 World Champion), Chris Rast (Swiss Champion), and Benoit Marie (winner of the Mini Transat), and I have to say this was really great to sail the GC32 with those guys.

The highlight is that with 25-30 knots of wind, we broke the speed record for the GC32 and reached 37,9 knots!!! Fantastic!!

Then I took part to the Moth Invitational with the 10 best Moth sailors on site in the afternoon.
With 10-20 knots of wind, I took it for a great training session: I took some good starts and improved my speed upwind thanks to the modifications I made on the foils and the rig. 
Really nice to feel so much progress after this week, even if there is still a lot work waiting for me.

I ended up that fabulous day with the trial of a small foiling catamaran: the S9! and some interviews on shore.

No need to say more looking at those great pictures ©Sander van der Borch