vendredi 4 juillet 2014

Tough first day at the Moth Italian Championships

First day was good at the Moth Italian Championships: 3 races and constant progress, step by step. 
It is tough, but really good to feel you improve one race after the other! Also really good to discuss with so many experienced sailors in the class! 
As we say in French, "it starts from there"! And there is a lot of work coming up.
I'm very motivated, and when I feel the wind is picking up like it was the case this afternoon on Lake Garda, I can feel the speed going up, with the boat flying over the water, and it is truly a fantastic engine.
I have to improve technically on the manoeuvres, especially upwind and for the tacks. But physically I'm feeling great, all the physical preparation programme I have is really important in the process, and it is critical to sail a Moth no matter what the conditions are.
Results are posted here: