samedi 19 juillet 2014

Moth Worlds in Hayling Island, UK / Day 1

What a day to start with for the Worlds in Hayling Island !! I got hit by a boat at the first start of the first race ! Trampoline damaged (see below on Thierry Martinez's picture), but I still managed to get a 38th place, not really great to sail and compete in those conditions I have to say... 
I finally got a redress, since the accident was not my fault at all of course... Redress will be based on the average points of the qualifying series.
A second race was launched, was well positioned (5th at the first mark), but it was abandoned due to the lack of wind...So only one race done for my "blue" group, which means an early start tomorrow. Probably 4 races if the wind cooperates.
Just finished to replace the trampoline. Need a rest.
Tomorrow the Worlds really start for me !

©Thierry Martinez